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Have you lodged a complaint with the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA)?
Has AFCA finalised your complaint, and have you accepted their final determination?

You must first raise a complaint with AFCA.

They'll help you understand if you're eligible to claim from us.

Who can make a claim

Did AFCA award compensation to you?

The AFCA complaint process must be completed before you can claim with CSLR.

Contact AFCA to check the status of your complaint.

Contact AFCA

Has the financial firm paid your compensation in full?

AFCA must award you compensation before you can claim with CSLR.

Contact AFCA to discuss the outcome of your complaint.

Contact AFCA

You're not eligible to claim with CSLR if you receive the awarded compensation in full.

Have you told AFCA you haven't received compensation?
Has AFCA sent you a letter saying all appropriate steps have been taken with the financial firm to pay your compensation?

You must report to AFCA that your compensation has not been paid.

AFCA will report the financial firm to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.

They will help you to follow up with the firm for payment if they're still in business.

Report to AFCA 

This letter, called an 'appropriate steps notice', confirms your eligibility to claim.

If you've received it, start your claim today.

Make a claim

Contact AFCA to check the progress of your complaint.

It must formally confirm the financial firm hasn't paid your compensation.

Once these steps are complete, AFCA will give you an 'appropriate steps notice'.

This letter confirms your eligibility to claim with CSLR.

Contact AFCA